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CD/DVD recording on linux via cmdline

Kernel Configuration Device Drivers — Block devices — Packet writing on CD/DVD media Tools needed #emerge dvd+rw-tools bchunk Copy files # growisofs -Z /dev/hdb -f -R -r -l -J Folder/ Burn an ISO # cdrecord -v speed=8 -sao dev=/dev/hdb ./ubuntu-7.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso … Continue reading

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How to dump and restore the Vista recovery partition on HTC Shift

The HTC Shift HDD is 40 GB, exactly 40000536576 bytes. The Host Protected Area starts at 0x88FE00000 and is exactly 3GiB, from linux dmesg output: sda: Host Protected Area detected. current capacity is 71826615 sectors (36775 MB) native capacity is … Continue reading

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Suspend / resume in HTC Shift

After a dozen of reboots and hangs trying to figure out what was preventing the suspend / resume to work on HTC shift I finally managed to get it working (both, suspend to ram and hibernate are working :D) The … Continue reading

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Installing Ubuntu without CD and without Network

Previously I used Wubi-installer to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my HTC Shift, but this time I wanted to partition my Hard Drive and use separate partitions for Ubuntu. Here’s what I did… First, resize the Vista partition: You don’t need … Continue reading

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Cygwin and Vista file sharing

TIP: Cygwin creates shared files in Windows Vista by default, to avoid it add the following line to your ~/.bashrc: export CYGWIN=nontsec

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Linux on HTC Shift

I recently got an UMPC HTC Shift (also known as HTC P9500, HTC Shangrila or HTC Clio). You can install Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 using Wubi Installer, so you don’t need to partition the Hard Drive. Installation is pretty straight forward, … Continue reading

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