Linux on HTC Shift

I recently got an UMPC HTC Shift (also known as HTC P9500, HTC Shangrila or HTC Clio).

You can install Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 using Wubi Installer, so you don’t need to partition the Hard Drive. Installation is pretty straight forward, just choose the installation size (I would recommend no less than 7Gb) and click “next”, “next”… If you prefer to install on a separate partition, follow the instructions here.

Once Ubuntu is installed, you get a menu at boot time which lets you choose which operating system to boot, Vista or Ubuntu. Surprisingly most of the hardware is auto-detected by ubuntu, and almost everything works out of the box:

  • Audio is working, mute and volume control works using the Fn keys.
  • SD card reader is working.
  • Adjusting the screen backlight works with the proper Fn keys.
  • Webcam is working (you can test it with gstreamer-properties).
  • CPU frequency scaling works by default too on the Intel Stealy 800Mhz CPU, you can monitor it by enabling the cpufreq gnome pannel.
  • ACPI is working, you can get the CPU temperature using the sensors-applet.
  • Screen resolution works at 800×480. I have not tried higher resolutions yet.
  • Bluetooth is working.

However there are a few things that require some extra work in order to have them working properly. I’ll walk through some of them in this post.

Setting up HTC Shift “The Easy Way”TM

If you are running Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu 8.04, I have created a script which will automatically setup the following:

  • TouchScreen
  • Wifi
  • 3G Connectivity
  • suspend/resume
  • Hardware buttons support
  • rotate screen utility
  • Embedded Controller Toolkit (lets you enable/disable wifi and bluetooth)

You can download it from here:

Install Instructions:

Put htcshift-easy-setup-v1.2.tar.bz2 in a USB memory stick, insert it in the Shift and Ubuntu will automatically mount it as /media/disk/. Then issue the following commands:

$ sudo tar jxvfp /media/disk/htcshift-easy-setup-v1.2.tar.bz2
$ cd htcshift-easy-setup
  • Run ‘sudo ./ kernel‘ for keeping the default usb-rndis kernel modules: If you choose this option, the provided USB ethernet will work, however you will not be able to use 3G connectivity or to transfer files from WinCE using synce.
  • Run ‘sudo ./ synce‘ for keeping the synce usb-rndis kernel modules: If you choose this option, you will be able to use 3G connectivity and to transfer files from WinCE using synce, however the provided USB ethernet will not work.

After installation, the two right side hardware buttons will be mapped to launch hsect2 (enable/disable wifi & bluetooth) and to rotate the screen, and you should have the following new items in Accessories menu:

  • TouchKit (Touch Screen Calibration Utility)
  • HTC Shift Embedded Controller Toolkit
  • Rotate Screen

You can switch from kernel to synce or viceversa at any time, just run the again.

To use 3G, you need to run USBTool.exe on CE, select “Attach to Vista”, then open the “Internet Sharing” application on CE and click “Connect”. Switch to linux, you should get the network settings over DCHP on rndis0 interface. Ubuntu’s NetworkManager sees it as a wired network.

Now I’ll explain the “long dificult way”TM, for those who don’t want to use my script or have a different kernel version or distribution.

Wi-Fi: Marvell SD8686 Wireless Lan SDIO

The wlan card does not work by default, the driver for it is missing in ubuntu 8.04 beta. I have submitted a bug report, so hopefully it is included in the final 8.04 release, but at the moment you have to compile the driver yourself. Luckily for us, Marvell has published an open source driver plus a proprietary firmware which allows the wifi to work. The sources are available on the linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 package.

To compile it, download the linux-ubuntu-modules package source, untar it and edit the file ubuntu-hardy-lum/debian/config/i386 to add the following:


Then compile it using ‘dpkg-buildpackage‘, the resulting module will be in ubuntu-hardy-lum/debian/build/build-386/wireless/marvell/8686_wlan/sd8686.ko, copy it to your /lib/modules and run depmod -a.

You also need to place the proprietary Marvell firmware to /lib/firmware/mrvl/ directory, the firmware can be downloaded from Marvell’s website here.

To get the wifi loaded automatically at boot time edit /etc/modules and add ‘sd8686′.

3G/HSDPA connectivity

3G connectivity is achieved through the CE / SnapVUE side, the same way you do it in Vista, but using the usb-rndis-lite linux module from SynCE. It just allows you to tether the “embedded” MSM7200 device in the Shift with the x86 side, using the USB connection that links them.

For it to work, you first need to get synce (which will also allow you to sync Ubuntu contacts and appointments with CE, share files between both systems, etc…) and the SVN version of the rndis-lite module:

$ sudo apt-get install synce-dccm synce-multisync-plugin synce-serial libsynce0 libsynce0-dev librra0 librra0-dev librra0-tools subversion build-essential
$ svn co
$ cd usb-rndis-lite/
$ make
$ sudo ./
$ sudo make install

You can also follow the Synce With Ubuntu instructions on SynCE website.

To enable 3G connectivity, you need to switch to CE, use the USBTool.exe utility to “Attach to Vista” (this will enable the USB connection between the PocketPC side and the PC side) and then enable “Internet Sharing” in WM6. Network settings can be acquired through DHCP on interface rndis0.

Fingerprint Reader: AuthenTec AES1610

Ubuntu 8.04 does not have support for the AuthenTec AES1610, however this reader is supported in Linux using the fprint library. Unfortunately the current version doesn’t seem to work very well (it fails recognizing the fingerprint most of the times), but if you want to try it, there are some precompiled ubuntu packages in launchpad. To install them, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse

Then install the libpam-fprint + libfprint + fprint-demo packages:

$ sudo apt-get install libpam-fprint libfprint0 fprint-demo

You can test the reader by running gksudo /usr/bin/fprint_demo.


Finally we have a working touchscreen, read instructions on this post:

htcpen: HTC Shift Touchscreen Driver for Linux

What still doesn’t work

  • touch screen: Touchscreen working with htcpen driver 😀 The touch screen is not working yet, AFAIK there is no driver for linux (nor for Windows XP). Vista uses a “HTC Touch Screen Driver, V1.0.0.2″ which will need to be disassembled first. Meanwhile you’ll have to use the Synaptics Touchpad, which does its job nicely.
  • suspend: Suspend works, but the device doesn’t resume properly. I’ll have to look what is preventing it to resume, and probably disable the offending device driver before suspending. Will post more details if I get it working. download the suspend / resume scripts for HTC Shift here 😀


To finish, a couple of screenshots, click on them to maximize.

linux on HTC Shift 1 linux on HTC Shift 2 ume-launcher on HTC Shift 1 ume-launcher on HTC Shift 2
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97 Responses to Linux on HTC Shift

  1. MiKi says:

    Wow, Pau torna a escriure al blog, i en ingles… amazing xD

  2. Oriol says:

    Great news, Pof writes again! congratulations and it’s interesting to know this news about HTC Shift. What’s the cost? and where can I buy it in Spain?

  3. pof says:

    Oriol: I bought it in, cost is about 1000 EUR+IVA, and El Corte Inglés also have it, but a bit more expensive. You can probably get it cheaper if you buy it from Movistar.

  4. sergi says:

    nice toy! and good news if its working with ubuntu..

  5. Harshal says:

    Excellent Work POF :)

  6. quetzal says:

    Do want! 😉

    It’s nice to see you around again…

  7. Hi Pof.
    This link isnt available…any idea?

  8. pof says:

    oops, sorry try again, should be working now :)

  9. Mobiplayer says:

    Moltes gràcies!

    Ara puc fer servir Ubuntu a la Shift 😀

  10. gonzobeat says:

    Hi Pof, have you installed just Ubuntu or Xubuntu? Anyway do you think that the procedure works with Xubuntu? It could be better as the Shift’s processor is a little weak

  11. pof says:

    I have installed ubuntu because I prefere gnome desktop, however the same is still valid for xubuntu or any other linux distribution :)

  12. lr says:

    I have 2 problems:
    – when use your module then no ethernet works (with usb ethernet adapter)
    – i tried to compile the module sd8xxx but in the ubuntu module package there no sd8xxx module included!?

  13. pof says:

    I don’t know about USB ethernet adapters, I don’t have any… maybe you need to ‘modprobe usbnet’?

    For the wifi, if you are using the kernel inlcuded in ubuntu-8.04 (before performing any upgrades) then use my precomplied package, if you have upgraded your kernel then get the sd8686 sources from the linux-ubuntu-modules package (.tar.gz) available here:

  14. gonzobeat says:

    Hi Pof, when I try to set wifi and 3G connettivity in the “Easy way” as you suggested, if I give the command
    sudo echo sd8686 >>/etc/modules
    the output is
    bash: /etc/modules: Permesso negato
    Have you got any suggestions?

  15. Snorry says:

    Hi Pof
    On 7th june 2008 you wrote “I don’t know about USB ethernet adapters, I don’t have any”.
    This kind of connector was included in the standard package. The USB hub aslo has an ethernet adapter included.
    Since I used your package I have the same issues as lr. No more ethernet. And even with the hsect package installed I can’t seem to find the wireless adapter either.
    I think I’ll reinstall ubuntu later and start over from scratch.


  16. pof says:

    @gonzobeat: just edit /etc/modules as root.
    @Snorry: Thanks for pointing that out, I just realized the USB hub has an ethernet adapter included, I left it on the box since the first day as I didn’t see any real usage for it :) Will now see if I can get it to work and update the instructions 😀

  17. pof says:

    Ok, the synce usb-rndis modules (usbnet.ko) which replace the kernel’s usbnet.ko module break compatibility with ‘asix.ko’ module used to support the USB ethernet controller.

    I have filled a bug report in synce bug tracker:

    Will update the instructions with a dirty workaround soon.

  18. Snorry says:

    @pof Thanx for the quick reply.

    But since I messed around a lot figuring out what exactly went wrong I’ll be reinstalling Ubuntu tonight and leave the wlan and HSPDA for now. I did try the linux drivers from asix but it gave a lot of errors regarding usbnet.ko .

  19. pof says:

    Snorry: you do not need to reinstall. Read the “easy way” on the post again, I have updated it with a new script that will do the job for you :)

  20. Snorry says:

    @pof read that one too late. but used the easy way after the reinstall 😉

    By the way does this also work with an upgraded kernel? Or do we need an update (had a quick look at your srcipt)

    GREAT WORK !!!

  21. pof says:

    Glad it worked :)

    At the moment it includes precompiled binaries for 2.6.24-16 to 2.6.24-18 ubuntu kernels, I’ll probably be updating it when ubuntu releases new stable kernels (as I’ll have to compile the modules for my personal use too), so you can re-download and run again.

  22. pof says:

    I’ve updated the easy-setup script to version 1.1, now it includes “shiftbuttons“, an new tool that allows you to remap the hardware buttons to any desired application, and version 2.1 of the Embedded Controller Toolkit.

  23. kornel says:

    Hi pof,
    Love the pack, thanks a lot for this. First off, would be great if the pack installed the netbook remix apps also by default. Second, is it possible to improve the touch driver so its as smooth as the mouse? I appreciate what you did greatly, but just asking :)

  24. kornel says:

    actually some info on how to install the netbook remix apps for the shift would be great…on mine its off center and the app icons ore overflowing from their box…

  25. pof says:

    @kornel: I’ve published the netbook remix instructions here, feel free to comment on that post if you’re having any trouble after that.

    Regarding the touchscreen driver improvement, that’s on my TO-DO list, but it requires quite a lot of work and I don’t have the time right now.

  26. pof says:

    published easy-setup tarball v1.2, updated with new modules for ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-19.
    remember: you need to re-download and run it again if you upgrade your kernel.

  27. Annath says:

    Pof, you are doing so great job. Thanks. I am gonna install ubuntu soon as I am really sick of Vista … Is there anything I could help with?

  28. pof says:

    @Annath: great, hope you enjoy ubuntu on your shift :)

    BTW, I’ve noticed that the ‘axis’ bug with wince rndis modules has been fixed in ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-19.

    You can use the kernel modules and get 3G connectivity and USB ethernet together, the rndis interface in kernel drivers is named ‘ethX’ instead of ‘rndisX’.

  29. phoenix says:

    Latest Kernel updates broke Wifi for me. cant connect anymore. using 64 bit WEP. :( Using the latest script too….

  30. Alex says:

    Hello Pof,

    I have the same problem as Phoenix. Wifi doesn’t work with the latest kernel. I don’t know if it worked before. After installing Ubuntu on the Shift I have installed the latest updates for Ubuntu. And I can’t get the 3G connection and USB ethernet working together. I must use your tool to switch. Another little thing: an external usb mouse doesn’t work anymore. Before installing your tool it worked well. Something to do with de touchscreen driver maybe?
    By the way, thank you for this great tool! I appreciate it very much.

  31. pof says:

    Sorry guys, I’m on travel with very few free time. Will check that in 3 days when I come back and update the script.

  32. phoenix says:

    Thanks pof. The script is awesome and saves a lot of time and aggrivation!

  33. Kamal says:

    I have followed exactly the same step as given above,but my external mouse stopped workng after I run your one in package for touchscreen,wifi etc.Please let me know what’s missing here


  34. massimo says:

    I have installed it with ./ synce but also the usb mouse and the ethernet port don’t work, how can i solve this?


  35. Kamal says:


    Also hassome one got success in WIFI working after installing the package.Mine doesn’t connect it all.My wifi is security enabled and many times I am providing the key butdoesn’t connect it all.may besomething to do with wifi driver.

    But many thanks to pof fo his wonderfull effot

  36. Annath says:

    Hi Kamal and Pof :-)
    I think the wifi driver doesnt support the security fetures. I am not absolutely sure but when I setup wifi from command line it looks like this problem. I am using Shift like router (internet gateway) for my notebook from time to time and I event didnt manage to switch wifi to Master mode (for creating AP) and I am using AdHoc mode. But I am not expert and I may be wrong.

  37. Kamal says:

    Thanks Annath for your help,one more thing After running the htcshift-easy-setup-v1.2.tar.bz2 package my extrnal mouse stopped working as touch pen staarted working.Is this the case with you as well.Any idea how to make external mouse working ?

  38. pof says:

    Hi guys been busy those days, I’ll fix the issues ASAP, hopefully during this weekend. BTW, the wifi should work with WEP too, I’m using it on WPA network without problems.

  39. avdzm says:

    Hey all,
    I got the touchscreen working, thanks for the easy setup.

    I can turn on/off the bluetooth n wireless.
    ubuntu can see the wireless device, but i can’t connect to a secure network.

    However SnapVUE doesn’t work anymore n The screen rotation doesn’t work perfectly.

    I haven’t tried the finger reader yet.

    is there a new version in progress?

  40. Nick says:

    Hi All

    FIrst, thanks for the super work, the shift is so much quicker with Ubuntu. However, I am also having these wifi problems with my WEP enabled router – wont connect at all, even with the password. Would absolutely love to fix this, but can’t work out what the issue is. The issue is the same as AVDZM above. Also, AVDZM, the install should not effect snapvue at all – it runs on a completely separate processor and is totally self contained (theres a switch for the monitor and keyboard), maybe you could try resetting snapvue from vista?

    Cheers, N

  41. avdzm says:

    Hey Nick,

    I tried reseting SnapVUE from vista and I still can’t access it.
    Before I used easy-setup i could access it.

    I can’t anymore.

  42. avdzm says:

    Hey all,

    I just tried ‘sudo ./ synce‘ and my wireless is working now.
    I can connect to a secure network.

    try it nick. let me know

  43. Nick says:

    Hi avdzm

    Shame about snap, i actually havent looked at mine yet since the install, i will try it when i get some spare time this week. Sounds really weird though, I know that it is definitely a completely separate system inside so i cant see how an install on the x86 side could influence the other side.

    Re the wireless issue, the ‘synce’ install is what i used originally. I will try it again though this week.

    thanks – although i am sure Pof can help more when he gets some spare time.

  44. avdzm says:

    hey guys,

    I got snap working again, I reconfigured xorg and run easy-htc-setup and i came back.

    About the wireless issue, synce installation didn’t really fix the wireless problem.

    When I restart htc-shift i have trouble accessing a secure wireless network.

    But when i turn the wireless off/on (repeatedly)and turning it on without disabling it (just clicking on “enable wireless”) again repeatedly, it some how connects to the secure wireless.

    I know this is very strange n it doesn’t make sense, but it works for me.

    have a go and let me know.

  45. Nick says:

    hi tc

    i finally had a chance to have a go at this method. No luck for me I’m afraid. I tried turning it on and off repeatedly and it just simply failed to work.

    hopefully this can be sorted out as without wifi its not much use to me!


  46. avdzm says:

    Hey all,

    Is any 1 having hardware performance or usability problems with the shift?
    After a few hours of use my wireless device is an detected and shift is taking a long time 2 do processes because it’s failing to find the device.

  47. avdzm says:

    Sorry I mean “un-detected”

  48. avdzm says:

    Does any1 have the 3g modem working under ubuntu?
    I have the 3g connectivity working for the snapvue, but I don’t know how 2 do it for ubuntu.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  49. Jorge says:

    Anybody has a problem with the rotate aplication? My screen is divided when I rotate and the touchscreen dont work…

    I am the only?

  50. ks says:

    Yes its same here while rotating screen,but external mouse has stopped working after enabling touch screen functionality.Has any body able to managed both working in ubuntu.
    Thanks in Advance

  51. KS says:

    Hullo Pof,

    Hope you very busy,I am deprately waiting for your next magic.Please can you let us know has the WI-Fi issue with WEP and external mouse issue been fixed.As after installing your package ,extrnal mouse stopped working in shift also Wi-Fi doesn’t connect with WEP keys.

    Thanks in Advance

  52. avdzm says:

    Hey guys to rotate your screen successfully you have to disable the visual effects.

    Go to Appearance -> Visual Effects and select none.

    It’s working for me.

  53. avdzm says:

    Hey all,

    Howz any1 tried downloading something big well around 175mb?

    when i download a video over smb onto my shift, it freezes.
    When I only browse it’s fine.

    So i don’t know if it’s the driver for the wireless or there’s something wrong with samba.

    how does your shift behave with the wireless?

  54. avdzm says:

    Where is this USBTOOl.exe???

  55. Anonymous says:

    “Hey guys to rotate your screen successfully you have to disable the visual effects.”

    it works for me too, thanks for sharing!

  56. Anonymous says:

    I reinstall the whole thing and turned visual effects off, Easy setup – synce.
    But I will not updating anything until pof’s further instruction!
    The shift works fine!

  57. Hexagram says:


    first of all, it’s a really nice job you’ve done pof. it’s really amazing.
    anybody has experienced difficulties with the double click with the pen on touchscreen?
    i don’t know how to use it…

  58. Rich says:

    But after installed .sh in easyway I cann’t use USB mouse~~
    how can I fix it?? please help

  59. Rich says:

    Rotate Screen not full screen
    and the mousepad does not Rotate too

  60. Mike says:

    Any idea for mouse and WEP?

    Thank you POF!

  61. Jan says:


    3G not working ??
    can’t find usb-tool.exe

    YOU NEED TO LIBERATE your HTC shift, else you look for help like me !!

    I installed Linux on seperate partition and THEN i got some infos about liberation so would be very good if you pof provide that info in you instructions to, took me a few hours to get an idea why i didn’t have such “USB-TOOL”

  62. Chris says:

    Hi Prof,

    Thanks the instructions. I am new to Linux, how do I install “the easy way”? I have put it into my usb already. I connect it to my shift, nothing happens. Basically, I don’t know how to install the following thing as well, please help me. Many thanks in advance

    Install Instructions:

    Put htcshift-easy-setup-v1.2.tar.bz2 in a USB memory stick, insert it in the Shift and Ubuntu will automatically mount it as /media/disk/. Then issue the following commands:

    $ sudo tar jxvfp /media/disk/htcshift-easy-setup-v1.2.tar.bz2
    $ cd htcshift-easy-setup
    Run ‘sudo ./ kernel‘ for keeping the default usb-rndis kernel modules: If you choose this option, the provided USB ethernet will work, however you will not be able to use 3G connectivity or to transfer files from WinCE using synce.
    Run ‘sudo ./ synce‘ for keeping the synce usb-rndis kernel modules: If you choose this option, you will be able to use 3G connectivity and to transfer files from WinCE using synce, however the provided USB ethernet will not work.

  63. Chris says:

    Please ignore previous message from Chris – October 25th 2008 8.30,
    different problem:

    I followed the instructions (top of page) exactly, including the recommended installation of Ubuntu, but I receive the error following the command ‘sudo ./ kernel‘ and ‘sudo ./ synce‘

    ERROR: Your kernenel version (2.6.24-21.generic) is not supported
    Visit to check for new version

    I am not sure of the meaning of this message, the only other output I can think that might be useful in determining a problem is given by the kernel version ‘uname -a’

    Linux chris-laptop 2.6.24-21-generic #1 SMP Mon Aug 25 17:32:09 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

    Thanks a lot.

  64. Anssi says:

    how about new ubuntu 8.10. it has newer kernel so easy setup wont work. suggestions? is there a newer package?

  65. avdzm says:

    Hey All,

    I just want to give you guys a heads up in case you take your SHIFT for service or repairs.
    I was having trouble with my fan, it was getting stuck.

    so I took it at HTC customer service to replace the fan (only!!!),
    and what do they do.?.?.?

    They call to inform me, since I have installed linux the warranty is no longer valid.
    So I informed that’s fine and I will pay for the fan (48 Euros).

    They fixed my fan and went a step further, they format my harddrive and installed VISTA.
    Without informing me.

    What a load of sh*t, I paid some idiot technician 48 Euros to replace the fan and format my hdd.

    So watch out for your HTC shift.


  66. avdzm says:

    any updates?

  67. avdzm says:

    hey pof,

    have u tried ubuntu 8.10?

  68. Sam Williams says:

    Does this work on Ubuntu 8.04.2 or not? I installed it and although it unpacks and seems to install ok, it doesn’t do anything and I get an error that it doesn’t work on my version.. Am downloading 8.04.1 in the hope it DOES work and it’s not just my lack of knowledge stopping it working :)

  69. Hi!

    Great script, but it does not on 8.04.2 nor on 8.10 :-(
    I downloaded the old 8.04.0 and now it’s working

    But: a working version for 8.10 would be great :-)


  70. Martin says:


    Ive managed to install 8.10 (2.6.27-11) from a previously created USB loader without any problems.
    With a couple of small config changes (xorg.conf) ive got everything up and running BUT NO WIFI (marvell sd8686) !!

    My first idea was to use the libertas_sdio module with fw_name=sd8686.bin .. but did not succeed…

    any ideas somebody ???


  71. Loug says:

    Anyone can post a link here for download the good version working with “Setting up HTC Shift “The Easy Way”TM” package ? Thank in advance

  72. homer says:

    spended 4 hours hoping it manage to work on 8.10 but……
    a big disapointment it does not work on 8.10 only works on 8.04 . so… pliz can any one or sombody show a simple setup how does it work on ubuntus newest version …. Arg :s
    y aver si alguien lo esplicas en castellano es que vamos .pobre los ke no entiende ingles y tienen el shift venga POF anima te

  73. Anson says:

    Yes, I am looking forward to the pkg for ubuntu 8.10 (2.6.27-7-generic). Any once can help this?

  74. propsan says:

    Yes, I am looking forward to the pkg for ubuntu 8.10 (2.6.28-11-generic). Any once can help this?

  75. UJ says:

    Hi pof,

    I tried to follow your instructions with the new ubuntu 9.04 on my shift with no go…

    no wifi \ touch screen \ 3g…

    is there a solution for this ?


  76. Albert says:

    Just installed 9.04 (netbook remix)
    I like that version but i can’t get the touchscreen to work.
    Copied 2.6.24-19-generic to 2.6.28-11-generic
    Touchkit message: “no touch controller found”
    any ideas?

    Regards, Albert

  77. Torsten says:

    i also installed 9.04 (netbook remix.
    Any idea how i get Wifi to work ?

    Thanks in advance


  78. aramaki says:

    Hello all, I`ve installed Ubuntu Network Remix-9.04 on my HTC shift, but wifi module does not work. This is dmesg report:
    libertas_sdio: Libertas SDIO driver
    libertas_sdio: Copyrigth Pierre Osman
    libertas_sdio: mmc1:001:1: firmware: requesting sd8686_helper.bin
    libertas_sdio: mmc1:001:1: firmware: requesting sd8686.bin
    libertas: МАС-address , fw 9.70.3p24, cap 0x00000303
    libertas: command 0x001e timed out
    libertas: requeueing command 0x001e due timeout (#1)
    libertas: command 0x001e timed out
    libertas: requeueing command 0x001e due timeout (#2)
    libertas: command 0x001e timed out
    libertas: requeueing command 0x001e due timeout (#3)
    libertas: command 0x001e timed out
    libertas: Excessive timeouts submitting command 0x001e
    libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x001e failed: -110
    libertas_sdio: probe of mmc1:0001:1 failed with error -110

    What does it mean? There are too many reports about this trouble in Internet.
    Thanks a lot.

  79. shane says:

    any chance to update this for ubuntu 9.04 thank you

  80. Crystian says:

    Im try with 9.04 and donsent work too.

  81. Sander says:

    Is there an solution regarding the UsbMouse ?
    I got wifi en screen rotation working, without any problems.
    I found no update regarding this bug, but the script is really great !!!
    Good job ! ( got Ubuntu 8.4 with kernel 2.6.24-16 because i couldn’t get it to work with 8.10 and 8.4.3

    Thank you in advance,


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  83. I wish this would work with Linux Mint…I had to download Ubuntu 8.0.4 and downgrade in order to take advantage of your excellent work compiling the package. Ubuntu Hardy Heron has ugly graphic interface but the package doesn’t work on Mint or Ubuntu 9.0.4…oh well we cannot have everything. I’m not a Linux Guru and sometimes I have a hard time configuring things. I tried Windows Vista, XP, and 7 and Ubuntu is by far faster and better. One of the stupid things with Vista is that we cannot watch a movie because of poor graphic card. On Ubuntu VLC works like a charm :-)

  84. Sebastiaan Meloen says:

    hey pof,

    i see you haven’t reacted lately, and a lot of people would like to see an updates package,
    i would like to continue your work, any possibility you can send me your project files, so i can update / create a new package?

    any people who got karmic completely working? do you have more instructions on the wifi and touchscreen?



  85. Jessica says:

    Any chance you got interpolated 1024 x 600 mode working for ubuntu?

  86. luc says:

    Hi I confirm touchscreen is working out of the box in 10.04 – just need to do screen calibration and to apply at each boot using xinput
    here my script for normal view:
    xrandr -o normal
    xinput set-int-prop “HTC Shift EC TouchScreen” “Evdev Axes Swap” 8 0
    xinput set-int-prop “HTC Shift EC TouchScreen” “Evdev Axis Calibration” 32 55 2008 1963 57
    here the one for rotate view:
    xrandr -o right
    xinput set-int-prop “HTC Shift EC TouchScreen” “Evdev Axes Swap” 8 1
    xinput set-int-prop “HTC Shift EC TouchScreen” “Evdev Axis Calibration” 32 1957 74 2005 49

    for screen scaling just using xrandr is necessary :
    for 1024×600: xrandr –output LVDS1 –mode “800×480″ –scale “1.28×1.25″
    for 1024×768: xrandr –output LVDS1 –mode “800×480″ –scale “1.28×1.625″
    for original 800×480 : xrandr –output LVDS1 –mode “800×480″ –scale “1×1″

    Actually everything works well with ubuntu 10.04 and netbook UI but wifi, libertas drivers can’t load firmware – but as I am using a mini dongle no issue

  87. tomXx says:


    Very nice tutorial! I’d appreciate it if someone could give me a hint how to get the internal wifi to work under ubuntu 10.4


  88. hexagram says:


    Has anyone tried to use the tutorial of pof with ubuntu 10.10 ? I have problems with wifi module.


  89. tonycur says:

    Has anyone tried to use the tutorial of pof with ubuntu 10.04 I have problems with wifi module. Whot’s procedure complete ? Hlp..

  90. Danny says:

    Pof! Any updates for our lovely Shift? Please!!!:-)

  91. pilamaster says:

    I’m using Ubuntu 10.10 on my HTC Shift, wi-fi doesn’t work, fingerprint scanner wasn’t tested because it is broken in my device. All other hardware is working good.

  92. Danny says:

    Yes, me too. Fingerprint should work, but I need wifi to work!

  93. Tony Silveira says:

    I really need wifi on Ubuntu 10.10 on my Shift…any ideas? Thanks

  94. ruijun says:

    Do you Have The Ghost file?

  95. Lizard says:

    Installed Ubuntu 11.04 on min Shift.
    Script not supportet by kernel… Says to go to this homepage for new version…
    Please provide install script og intructions to make it work. :)

    Kind regards

  96. sergio says:

    Good afternoon, I wonder if there is any way to get it to work the wifi (sd8686) on Ubuntu 11.04 or 11.10, otherwise I’ve got, well except for the SD card reader. I wonder if there is any way to get the wifi enabled on this operating system. Thanks for your time

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