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Ubuntu Netbook Remix on HTC Shift

kornel has requested to post some instructions on installing ubuntu netbook remix on HTC Shift. First, for those who still don’t know what UNR is, a picture is worth 1000 words: Here are the instructions: 1) Go to System -> … Continue reading

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HTCFlasher: Open Source ROM Update Utility (RUU) for HTC devices

I have just released HTCFlasher version 3, get it while it’s hot!! HTCFlasher -formerly known as HERMflasher– is an open source tool which allows you to flash ROMs on most current HTC devices. It has some extra features that the … Continue reading

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shiftbuttons: HTC Shift Hardware Buttons control

shiftbuttons is a program that monitors the two right side hardware buttons on HTC shift, and launches any desired program when a button is pressed. Typical usage is to start it as daemon (-d option) when you start your X … Continue reading

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Extract contents of .deb files

DEB files are ar archives, which contain three files: debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.bz2 First we need to extract the ar archive: $ ar vx package.deb Then extract the contents of data.tar.bz2: $ tar xvfp data.tar.bz2

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gsensor-joy: HTC Shift G-Sensor Joystick Linux kernel module

I have found some free time (long night) to implement a kernel module which converts the axis reported by the HTC Shift G-Sensor accelerometer (see previous post!) into a Joystick input event device. Download gsensor-joy-1.1.tar.gz Install Instructions Download the tarball, … Continue reading

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Building debian packages from source

I will show how to build a debian package from source, needed if you need to apply a custom patch to some package. 1. Download the debian source # apt-get source package-name 2. Download the dependencies required to build the … Continue reading

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i2c-gsensor: LIS3LV02DL accelerometer on HTC Shift G-Sensor

The “feature” commercially advertised as G-Sensor in HTC Shift turned out to be a STMicroelectronics LIS3LV02DL 3-axis inertial sensor [datasheet], which of course can be accessed through linux i2c/SMBus interface Actually there’s a Linux kernel module for the HP Mobile … Continue reading

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