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4sqcheat – automatic foursquare checkin

This is a quick script I wrote some time ago to steal the mayorship from a friend on a concrete foursqure venue. You can launch it from cron to steal a mayorship or launch it manually get any impossible badge … Continue reading

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exif2maps – get google maps link from picture exif data

A quick shell script to generate a google maps link from geo-location data found inside a picture exif tags. Usage example: $ ./ la-foto-3.jpg,-5.6058333 Download:

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From APK to readable java source code in 3 easy steps

Android applications are packed inside a APK file, which is just a ZIP file containing among other things a compact Dalvik Executable (.dex) file. First step is to extract the “classes.dex” file from the APK: $ unzip program.apk classes.dex Archive: … Continue reading

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Edit image resources inside an android APK file

Today I had to change some image resources in a APK file, the process is easy once you know it, so I just post it here for future reference: First use the tool “aapt” from the android SDK to list … Continue reading

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[tip] generate transparent text images using imagemagick

To generate 100 images, containing numbers 0 to 100: for f in `seq 0 100` ; do convert -size 25×25 xc:transparent -font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-dejavu/DejaVuSansMono-Bold.ttf \ -fill $COLOR -pointsize 19 -draw “text 1,20 ‘$f'” res/drawable/notify_$f.png done

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[tip] Change colors using imagemagick

This will replace all black color for white color: convert input.png -fill white -opaque black output.png

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Algoritmo para generar claves WPA de las redes WLAN_XXXX y JAZZTEL_XXXX

El 15 de Diciembre de 2010 la página de SeguridadWireless publico un servicio que calculaba las claves WPA de los SSID WLAN_XXXX y JAZZTEL_XXX screenshot aqui. No publicaron el código, y al cabo de pocas horas la página dejó de … Continue reading

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Generic load balancer for multiple WAN links

So you have two or more ADSL lines and want to use them all? … or maybe you’re stealing your neighbor’s wifi and you have more than one network available? … or you have cloned your SIM card and want … Continue reading

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