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Fortifying a Galaxy Nexus with stock-ish image and root access

In this post I will describe my recipe to have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (codename “maguro”) using a rooted factory image, capable of getting OTA updates without loosing root access and with a locked bootloader, keeping the user data safe … Continue reading

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Getting started on Android Development from Command Line

As a quick reference, here’s a list of useful and most commonly used commands if you want to do Android development from command line (for example, without using eclipse or any other bloated IDE). You must have installed the Android … Continue reading

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Mount Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwitch on Linux

I recently got a Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwitch, which by default does not support USB Mass Storage. When connected to the computer via USB cable, we can choose to connect it as a Media device (MTP), … Continue reading

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mini-howto: add google authenticator to a new device

Note: For this to work you need to have google authenticator working on a rooted device. Google authenticator stores user data in a sqlite database, so we can just get the key from there and move it on a different … Continue reading

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Motorola Xoom: Review from an early adopter

Yesterday morning I received the wifi-only version of the 10.1-inch Android tablet Motorola Xoom. I bought it in USA because it wasn’t yet available in Europe when I purchased it. I choose the wifi-only version because of the following main … Continue reading

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From APK to readable java source code in 3 easy steps

Android applications are packed inside a APK file, which is just a ZIP file containing among other things a compact Dalvik Executable (.dex) file. First step is to extract the “classes.dex” file from the APK: $ unzip program.apk classes.dex Archive: … Continue reading

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Edit image resources inside an android APK file

Today I had to change some image resources in a APK file, the process is easy once you know it, so I just post it here for future reference: First use the tool “aapt” from the android SDK to list … Continue reading

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nbimg: HTC splash screen tool

nbimg is a command line tool which allows to convert HTC Splash Screen images from NB to BMP and create NB splash screens from BMP format. Any splash screen size is supported (yes, it works for Diamond or Athena at … Continue reading

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