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pof headquarters reloaded

This is just a quick post to inform of the recent changes I’ve done with the server during the Christmas holidays: Switched from OVH RPS to Linode VPS. Moved the physical location of the server from France, to United Kingdom … Continue reading

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Best solution to fully backup KVM virtual machines

Today I found the “” script from Daniel Berteaud which is IMHO the best solution to fully backup a libvirt managed virtual machine. The perl script is very flexible and allows for various configurations depending on your VM setup and … Continue reading

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Installing IETF MIB files in ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 (and I assume other Debian based distributions too) come without the IETF MIB files installed with the default Net-SNMP package. This means you can’t query OIDs directly by name anymore, such as “system.sysUpTime.0″. The easiest way to install … Continue reading

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php gettext problems on ubuntu server

I have gone crazy until I found this… to have gettext functions working in ubuntu server you need to add the proper locales to the system first, for example, to translate text in spanish: # cat /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED |grep -i “es_ES” … Continue reading

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Hint: take screenshot on Google Nexus One

As simple as this (needs a rooted phone): $ adb pull /dev/graphics/fb0 screenshot.raw $ dd bs=1920 count=800 if=screenshot.raw of=image.rgb32 $ ffmpeg -vframes 1 -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb32 -s 480×800 -i image.rgb32 -f image2 -vcodec png screenshot.png

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Linux on ONKYO BX407A4

On a recent trip to Japan I bought this UMPC, of course I was not happy with the default Japanese windows OS, and changed it to Ubuntu. Here are some quick notes I took during the process for me to … Continue reading

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Dingoo A320

Yesterday I got a Dingoo A320 as a birthday present 😀 (thanks iolanda!!!). Here are my notes of things i need to remember in the future… To upgrade the firmware (I flashed official 1.20) just copy the firmware file (named … Continue reading

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Mounting a VirtualBox dynamic size VDI Image

To work with a variable sized VDI file, you have to dump it to a dd file first (COPYDD); this will create a fixed size dump that then can be opened on a loop device. The variable sized file does … Continue reading

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random notes on setting up KVM + libvirt + virtio

This is a collection of notes I took while setting up a virtual machine host which has several guest virtual machines running on Ubuntu 8.10. 1) Create a logical volume to install the guest $ sudo lvcreate -v -n phq_mail … Continue reading

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Encrypted ~Maildir?

I’ve been thinking on encrypting user’s Maildir on a new mail server, however I can’t find a good solution for that. Anybody has come with a solution to encrypt user’s Maildir which is not vulnerable to plaintext attacks by sending … Continue reading

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