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php gettext problems on ubuntu server

I have gone crazy until I found this… to have gettext functions working in ubuntu server you need to add the proper locales to the system first, for example, to translate text in spanish: # cat /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED |grep -i “es_ES” … Continue reading

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Extract contents of .deb files

DEB files are ar archives, which contain three files: debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.bz2 First we need to extract the ar archive: $ ar vx package.deb Then extract the contents of data.tar.bz2: $ tar xvfp data.tar.bz2

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Building debian packages from source

I will show how to build a debian package from source, needed if you need to apply a custom patch to some package. 1. Download the debian source # apt-get source package-name 2. Download the dependencies required to build the … Continue reading

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From Evolution to Thunderbird: setting reasonable defaults

Having been an Evolution user since a few years back, I recently migrated to thunderbird and had a few “problems”. Thanks to iolanda I was able to fix most of them. I post my thunderbird setup here, so I can … Continue reading

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CD/DVD recording on linux via cmdline

Kernel Configuration Device Drivers — Block devices — Packet writing on CD/DVD media Tools needed #emerge dvd+rw-tools bchunk Copy files # growisofs -Z /dev/hdb -f -R -r -l -J Folder/ Burn an ISO # cdrecord -v speed=8 -sao dev=/dev/hdb ./ubuntu-7.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso … Continue reading

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Cygwin and Vista file sharing

TIP: Cygwin creates shared files in Windows Vista by default, to avoid it add the following line to your ~/.bashrc: export CYGWIN=nontsec

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La cucaracha del chino a Netweekend 2005

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siproxd per fer de proxy SIP a un asterisk darrera d'un NAT

Un petit tutorial de com utilitzar siproxd + iptables amb la idea de fer proxy transparent a un asterisk situat darrera d’un NAT: Masquerading an Asterisk box.

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Podcatalà: Comunitat de podcast en català

A través d’un email de la srta cyborg m’he assabentat de la iniciativa Podcatalà, un lloc web que pretén ser un punt de trobada per a la gent interessada en el podcasting en català i construir un directori de referència … Continue reading

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Asterisk-to-IMAP per escoltar el correu amb una trucada

A través de acabo de trobar un script AGI fet en perl que permet escoltar el contingut dels correus que tinguem a la INBOX d’un compte de correu IMAP a través d’asterisk, utilitzant festival: This script implements a simple … Continue reading

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