pof-slackware-lpp is a merge of the Linux Progres Patch (lpp), the Slackware theme for lpp and Slackware startup scripts.

The Linux Progress Patch is a kernel patch which displays a full-screen logo with a progress bar and some informational text while booting. It hides the normal startup messages printed by the kernel, and is meant for people that don't care about boot messages.

pof-slackware-lpp will show a nice slackware logo using frame buffer during the boot, and a progress bar.

Here's a screen-shot:


pof-slackware-lpp for kernel 2.4.13 and 2.4.14
pof-slackware-lpp for kernel 2.4.9

Note: I'm not mantaining this patch anymore, It should not be difficult for you to adapt .rej files for new kernels.