pofHQ wapMAIL

pofHQ wapMAIL is an IMAP mail client for use with a WAP browser.
It has multiple user support with login/password protection, the ability to read mail messages in different folders, the ability to compose and send new emails, reply to a message, and delete messages, and the ability to browse long emails divided into different pages.
pofHQ wapMAIL is written in PHP using IMAP modules, so you'll need IMAP support enabled in your php compilation.

Login Screen Folder Selection Main Screen
Inbox View Mail Compose

Version 1.3beta2: pofhq-wapmail-1.3beta2.tar.gz - ChangeLog
Version 1.3beta1: pofhq-wapmail-1.3beta1.tar.gz - ChangeLog
Version 1.2: pofhq-wapmail-1.2.tar.gz - ChangeLog
Version 1.1: pofhq-wapmail-1.1.tar.gz - ChangeLog
Version 1.0: pofhq-wapmail-1.0.tar.gz
(NOTE: Register globals must be set to ON!)