# ChangeLog for pofHQ wapMAIL

* pofHQ wapMAIL version 1.3beta1 released (12 Dec 2002)

Thu Dec 12 22:03:13 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

  Released beta version, cyrus imap server implementation must be
  tested. Please send your feedback if you have any problems with it.

Thu Dec 12 20:52:53 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

  * lang/italian.php:
   Added italian translation, thanks to Pierangelo Ferrari

  * lang/french.php:
   Added french translation, thanks to Grégory Marigot <greg@jalix.net>.

Thu Dec 12 20:33:50 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

  * config.php:
   Added $CYRUS variable. Set to "1" when using Cyrus imap server.
   Added a better explanation for configuration options.

  * index.php, maillist.php:
   Better handling of cyrus imap. Thanks to Grégory Marigot

Thu Dec 12 19:40:48 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

  * sendmail.php:
  Changed the regexp, so you can have dots in the names, as well as two-letter
  country codes. Again, thanks to John P. Looney <valen@tuatha.org> and
  Pierangelo Ferrari <pierangelo.ferrari@dionica.com> for reporting this error.

Thu Dec 12 19:37:12 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

  * functions.php, maildel.php, mailinfo.php, maillist.php, mailview.php,
   Added wmldie() function to see error messages in wap browsers,
   as suggested by John P. Looney <valen@tuatha.org>.

Thu Dec 12 19:15:31 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pof@eslack.org>

     Fixed some typos, updated documentation. Added FAQ.

* pofHQ wapMAIL version 1.2 released (25 Oct 2002)

Fri Oct 25 02:05:52 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * functions.php:
      Added isutf8() getsubject() and getmsgbody().

   Now everything gets encoded to UTF-8. If you have any problems with special
   characters let me know. I can see all the character-set in my Siemens S45,
   even the euro sign :)

   * mailinfo.php:
      Added a button to return to index.

   * functions.php:
      Added some headers to force disable caching.

   * config.php:
      Removed headers from here. Passed to functions.php.

Thu Oct 24 23:34:45 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * mailview.php:
      When browsing long messages divided into parts, don't cut the message until
      we find a space, so words aren't cut anymore between parts.

   * lang/english.php lang/spanish.php lang/catalan.php lang/german.php:
      Removed S_RETURN and S_MORE as they are no longer used.
      Added S_LOGOUT.

   * logout.php:
      New file. Logs users out :)

Thu Oct 24 14:16:08 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * maildel.php sendmail.php:
      Changed "Return to Index" from waplink() to wapbutton().

   * maillist.php:
      Changed PREVIUS and NEXT, now PREVIOUS shows at the end of the page, and
      NEXT at the beginning, it is more confortable to browse pages like this
      when using a mobile device.
      Added a button to return to index.

   * index.php:
      Show porogram's name at card's title.
      Use default INBOX if no folder is selected.
      Added logout button.

Thu Oct 24 11:15:35 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * functions.php:
      Cosmetic changes in functions decode2() and wapbutton().

   * lang/spanish.php lang/catalan.php:
      Added a forgotten ";" at the end.

   * lang/german.php:
      Added german translation. Thanks to Matthias Mariacher <mariacher@24on.cc>.

   * mailview.php:
      Added a back button when displaying a message, so you can return to the
      last position you where in the message list.

   * maildel.php:
      Don't expunge messages when deleting.

Wed Oct 23 21:40:20 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   Changed all links to use method post. Some browsers don't get vars passed
   through URL's.

* pofHQ wapMAIL version 1.1 released (23 Oct 2002)

Wed Oct 23 15:31:08 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * README:
      Updated readme file.

Wed Oct 23 15:22:00 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * lang/english.php lang/spanish.php lang/catalan.php:
      Added translations for deleted mail and change folder.

   * index.php:
      Now it shows inbox directly once you've logged in. Added a link to browse
      folders and show another folder.

   * maildel.php:
      Removed ontimer. Fixed a bug which caused next page not to be loaded.

   * maillist.php:
      Show [ Previous ] at the beginning of mail list and [ Next ] at the end.

Wed Oct 23 13:35:44 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * functions.php:
      Added functions waplink() and wapbutton().

   Rewrite other files to use the new functions and make the code cleaner.

Tue Oct 22 14:55:41 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * functions.php:
      Code cleanup. Added functions get_part(), get_mime_type(), decode2()
      and modified decode().

   * mailview.php:
      Show only the plain/text part of a multipart message, or if there is
      only html part, convert it to text.

Mon Oct 21 15:54:40 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>

   * index.php maildel.php mailinfo.php maillist.php mailview.php sendmail.php:
      Removed "143", addedd "$IMAPPORT" from config.php

   * functions.php:
      In function decode(), replace "$" with "$$". This fixes a bug which caused
      messages wich have dollar signs not to be displayed.

   * maillist.php:
      Parse body of messages trough function decode().

* pofHQ wapMAIL version 1.0 released (20 Oct 2002)

Mon Oct 20 16:20:16 UTC 2002  Pau Oliva   <pau@eslack.org>
   No changes. First public release.
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