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SSD alignment on linux with ext4 and LVM

First make sure to create partitions aligned to your SSD erase block size (in my case 512k): sudo fdisk -H32 -S32 /dev/sdb You can check with fdisk -lu /dev/sdb that the start of each partition is divisible by 512. Then … Continue reading

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Best solution to fully backup KVM virtual machines

Today I found the “virt-backup.pl” script from Daniel Berteaud which is IMHO the best solution to fully backup a libvirt managed virtual machine. The perl script is very flexible and allows for various configurations depending on your VM setup and … Continue reading

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random notes on setting up KVM + libvirt + virtio

This is a collection of notes I took while setting up a virtual machine host which has several guest virtual machines running on Ubuntu 8.10. 1) Create a logical volume to install the guest $ sudo lvcreate -v -n phq_mail … Continue reading

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