From Evolution to Thunderbird: setting reasonable defaults

Having been an Evolution user since a few years back, I recently migrated to thunderbird and had a few “problems”. Thanks to iolanda I was able to fix most of them. I post my thunderbird setup here, so I can remember when I need to setup it again.

Config Editor Settings

Always keep threads, also when changing sort preferences:

By default sort everything threaded descending by date:
mailnews.default_sort_type=22 (22 is threaded, 18 is date)
mailnews.default_sort_order=2 (1 is ascending, 2 is descending) — there seems to be a bug here, setting it to 2 does not work and slows down thunderbird!

Do not arrange threads by subject (look at msgid, references, in-reply-to, etc.):

Check mail in all folders:



1) Dictionary switcher
2) Disable drag and drop in the folder pane (prevents accidentally moving folders)
3) FolderCheck (only useful if you don’t enable check mail in all folders).
4) Header Scroll extension
5) LookOut (decode winmail.dat attachments)
6) Sync On Arrival (Downloads new message headers immediately when there are new messages in a folder)
7) ThreadBubble (resort the threaded view by date when new mail arrives)
8) View Headers Toggle Button
9) ThreadKey (Use T/U keys to switch between threaded and unthreaded views).
10) Enigmail (Sign and Encrypt/Decrypt emails using GPG)
11)SmtpSelect (Switch SMTP server quickly)

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5 Responses to From Evolution to Thunderbird: setting reasonable defaults

  1. MiKi says:

    Això això… thanks to Iolanda pero a l’amic MiKi que es qui ha ficat la pressió psicologica sobre el tema ni una menció… molt malamet Pau, molt malament…

  2. Oriol says:

    Pardal, tens alguna eina ben parida per sincronitzar el Thunderbird amb l’HTC sense passar per servidors de tercers???

  3. brainstorm says:

    Mestre ! Why the switch nano ? Jo estic prou content amb l’evolution :-S

  4. pof says:

    Perqué l’evolution a 800×480 (la resolució de la HTC Shift) és molt farragós d’utilitzar, i el thunderbird “ben configurat” et deixa lloc per llegir els correus sense haver-los d’obrir en una nova finestra 😉

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