gsensor-joy: HTC Shift G-Sensor Joystick Linux kernel module

I have found some free time (long night) to implement a kernel module which converts the axis reported by the HTC Shift G-Sensor accelerometer (see previous post!) into a Joystick input event device.



Install Instructions

Download the tarball, extract it to some temporary directory, compile and install it:

   # make
   # make install

Load the needed modules:

   #modprobe i2c_i801
   #modprobe i2c_dev
   #modprobe gsensor-joy
   #modprobe joydev

If you want that automatically loaded every boot, you can also add them to /etc/modules.

For configuration see the README file included in the tarball.

Here’s a demo video playing TuxRacer…

Demo Video

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7 Responses to gsensor-joy: HTC Shift G-Sensor Joystick Linux kernel module

  1. quetzal says:

    Iep Mussol,

    Un cop més, chapeau! Quin crack estàs fet. Me deixes bocabadat amb cada post. Jo en temes de herdware no m’hi he ficat mai… no sé ni per on començar, la veritat. Pero m’has comvençut!

    Començaré a estalviar ara mateix per poder comprar un d’aquests aparells a vore que en puc fer (això si no ho has fet tu ja abanas jeje).

    Salutacions d’un membre del clan garrotxa! 😉

  2. sergi says:

    No coneixia el TuxRacer!… Quines birgueries que té la shift!… A l’època “clan garrotxa” (half decade ago) diria que no teniem cap laptop!… saludus!

  3. avdzm says:

    how can I make sure that the modules r working and if i have them installed? coz there is no msg and no effect.

    and how do u run tuxracer? i keep on getting an error about the resolution is not big enough.

  4. avdzm says:

    has the bug in xserver been fixed, concerning the joystick???

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  6. chris says:

    Hey I ported your driver to the new driver structure of i2c (used ~>2.6.32)
    and for the acer1825(same chip as your HTC). At the moment everything from the module seems to work.
    I have a device /dev/input/js0 which gives some output if I use jstest or jscal. But I am not able to use my gyro-joystick in games like your tuxracer. Is some more configuration necessary to activate the joystick? Could you help me? I will distribute my source and link to your blog, if I really could proof the function of my/your module.

    Nice regards

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