shiftbuttons is a program that monitors the two right side hardware buttons on HTC shift, and launches any desired program when a button is pressed.

Typical usage is to start it as daemon (-d option) when you start your X session, and map each button to the desired function. For example, you can go into Gnome menu System -> Settings -> Sessions. There you find a tab named ‘Startup Programs’, and add the following:

shiftbuttons -d -c "gksudo /usr/bin/hsect2" -r htcshift-rotate

This will launch hsect2 when you press the CommManager button, and will rotate the screen when you press the switch resolution button.

System wide configuration can be changed at /etc/xdg/autostart/shiftbuttons.desktop.

htcshift-rotate is also included in the tarball and the debian package.


Source code : shiftbuttons-1.0.tar.gz
Ubuntu / Debian package : shiftbuttons_1.0-1_i386.deb