pof headquarters reloaded

This is just a quick post to inform of the recent changes I’ve done with the server during the Christmas holidays:

  • Switched from OVH RPS to Linode VPS.
  • Moved the physical location of the server from France, to United Kingdom (without any noticeable downtime, yay!).
  • Updated the WordPress theme, although the look & feel is quite similar to the previous one, this has been written as a child theme of the popular “twentyten” theme, so it now supports widgets and all the fancy wordpress features.
  • Changed the base distribution from Gentoo to Ubuntu Server
  • Changed the mail server from Qmail to Postfix.
  • Setup a new microblog, which is basically an automatic backup of my twitter account, so I can do searches and avoid loosing old tweets when I reach the API limit.
  • Registered a 3 letter domain and created x90.es, a public URL shortening service, which runs on this server too :) feel free to use it!
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6 Responses to pof headquarters reloaded

  1. Oriol says:

    Quin soft uses per fer el backup de twitter?

  2. Laia says:

    mmm… vec q no parles del pobre serveret q esta tot polvoriento i abandonat a un reco de la habitacio… el sento desde l’altre banda del charco com crida… take care of me… please!!

  3. sergi says:

    despr茅s dels “reloaded” venen els “revolutions”… ui quina temo! :)

  4. Marc says:

    Bones Pau,

    Quin va ser el motiu del canvi de Gentoo a Ubuntu?

    • pof says:

      que em faig vell… jajaja 馃槢
      no, en serio… b谩sicament vaig canviar a ubuntu server per agilitat en l’administraci贸 del servidor, amb els stackscripts de linode pots fer deploy de una VM amb ubuntu-server LTS en questi贸 de segons, ho vaig provar i em va semblar una bona opci贸, ara nom茅s vaig aplicant els updates de seguretat i aix铆 no m’he de preocupar de l’administraci贸 del servidor, i quan haig de fer un update 茅s r脿pid i f脿cil… amb l’edat m’he tornat un comod贸n :)

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