Today I found the “” script from Daniel Berteaud which is IMHO the best solution to fully backup a libvirt managed virtual machine. The perl script is very flexible and allows for various configurations depending on your VM setup and backup needs, it requires ubuntu packages “libsys-virt-perl” and “libxml-simple-perl” to run.

I use it to backup running virtual machines in this way: first, suspend the virtual machine (for a short while), then create a snapshot of the LVM used as storage by the virtual machine, then resume the virtual machine so it can continue running without almost no downtime (taking a LVM snapshot is very fast!), and after that dump the snapshot to a compressed image file on a remote server (backup storage). To accomplish this just run this command (for example from a cron job):

` –pre –vm=machine1 –backupdir=/mnt/remotenas/ –privatedir –compress –snapsize=5G –debug `

If you use ubuntu, note that the script needs to be edited to adjust the location of lvcreate and lvremove (in /sbin instead of /usr/sbin).