This is just a quick post to inform of the recent changes I’ve done with the server during the Christmas holidays:

  • Switched from OVH RPS to Linode VPS.
  • Moved the physical location of the server from France, to United Kingdom (without any noticeable downtime, yay!).
  • Updated the Wordpress theme, although the look & feel is quite similar to the previous one, this has been written as a child theme of the popular “twentyten” theme, so it now supports widgets and all the fancy wordpress features.
  • Changed the base distribution from Gentoo to Ubuntu Server
  • Changed the mail server from Qmail to Postfix.
  • Setup a new microblog, which is basically an automatic backup of my twitter account, so I can do searches and avoid loosing old tweets when I reach the API limit.
  • Registered a 3 letter domain and created, a public URL shortening service, which runs on this server too :) feel free to use it!