I have made a quick patch for wifite r67, which adds support to crack WLAN and JAZZTEL networks in Spain, both WEP and WPA versions.

The WPA keys are computed statically using the already known algorithms and the guessed key is shown at start, when wifite shows the available networks.

The WEP keys are cracked using a dictionary attack, generated automatically using wlandecrypter and jazzteldecrypter, so you only need 4 IVs to start cracking using the dictionary.

The patch is available here, and it’s agains revision r67 (latest at the moment of writing this). You can see it in action in these youtube videos I have uploaded:

Cracking WPA using patched wifite r67: Shows how to crack 9 WPA networks in less than 30 seconds.

Cracking WEP using patched wifite r67: Shows how to crack a WEP network with clients in 11 seconds, and a WEP network without any clients connected in 1 min 11 seconds.